A Simple Scarf

I am not much of a knitter.  I learned to knit in school and hated it, but somehow discovered my inner knitter when I became pregnant.  I have since made many plain squares for a blanket (still not finished… ahem.)

I should probably learn to follow a pattern, so I started with this scarf.  So far so good.  I am actually enjoying the process.  Maybe I’ll even be brave enough to make my little boy a sweater one of these days.

Thoughts on Traveling

I was supposed to leave on a business trip yesterday, but due to airport delays much to tedious to describe here, I am leaving today instead.

Last night, I got to go home. I arrived in time to feed my little boy his dinner – most of his favorites currently replaced with smooth cool blueberry yogurt to sooth swollen gums. I gave him his bath and nursed him, while the independent toddler of daytime melted into the sweet smiley baby I have gotten to know these past ten months. After, I enjoyed a home cooked meal (from our trusty freezer stash) with my husband. The night that would have been spent on a plane, was spent at home, and I savored it.

It made me wonder whether I am finally ready to give up traveling? Is my sense of adventure, my insatiable wanderlust, and my love of new places and people finally not enough to overcome crazy airports and security, and all the sweet moments I miss at home? I have only been on one trip since the baby was born, and maybe I’m still adjusting to life as a mom, so I will explore this feeling further – see whether it holds, or whether I still need the thrill of travel.

What about you? How did motherhood change your loves, likes, and ultimately life?

Why I Changed My Blog

My old blog, which can currently still be found at http://green-new-mommy.blogspot.com, was my first attempt at blogging, and was maintained somewhat intermittently.  (Okay, very intermittently.)

Given how much I love writing and reading all the blogs that inspire me to do more, I have decided to get a bit more serious about blogging, and everyone I spoke to suggested WordPress.  (Blogger fans, please don’t hate me.)

Why now?  Well, I finally have my very own high quality digital SLR camera, and need a place to post pictures.  Quality will hopefully improve as we go – I’m still learning.  Additionally, my babe is now almost ten months (gasp) and I have a better handle on how little time I truly have these days.

I commit to blogging at least three times a week, and hope to blog even more than that eventually.  That’s all for now folks – enjoy!