The Birthday Party

I have wanted to post a few pictures of things I made for my son’s party, along with sources.  When I started looking through my pictures though, it turns out I didn’t take very many (bummer!)

These tissue paper puffs (now hanging above the changing table)
were super simple to make and I used recycled tissue paper. I think most were remnant from his baby shower actually.  I used this tutorial (but forgot to snip the corners.)

Favors were cookies and bubbles.  The cookies are from the Wilton site, but without the sticks (really, who needs their cookie to be on a stick??) I capped the bubbles with Elmo cupcake papers and ribbon.

Ever since finding Amanda Soule’s site I wanted to have a baby just to make him a birthday crown!  Well, I wanted a baby anyway.  I thought about putting a number on it like  this tutorial, but would rather have him use his crown for many many birthdays to come.  (The elastic can easily be adjusted or replaced should it not stretch enough.)

But before you think I have it all together, I have to share this.

Felt letters on sticky backing.  Again, inspired by Soulemama, I wanted to make a banner.  I did manage to do the most time-consuming part, but never managed to finish it.  I will have it finished by my Dad’s sixtieth birthday though, so we can use it there.  I was also inspired by several tutorials, including this and this.

10 Things I Love Today

Inspired by Soulemama, here are ten things I love today.

  • Redemption, renewal, rebirth (it was just Easter Sunday, after all)
  • One year old feet in the grass
  • Dandelions!
  • Wobbly steps
  • Leftovers for dinner
  • Carrot muffins (wish I took pictures – by far my favorite muffins ever!)
  • Home-made gifts (knitted Easter bunny for my boy!)
  • Cadbury caramel eggs
  • Navy pinstriped skirt and white button down shirt
  • Dogwood trees
  • Handmade jewelry!  (more on that soon)

That’s 11 – oops.  Good thing it’s my blog and I make the rules (teehee.)  Have a lovely week!

Birthday Cake

When I started posting about my son’s birthday party, I realized I didn’t have ANY pictures of the cake.  Luckily, my dad, fabulous photographer, and generous man, let me use a few of his. (You can see his other work at his website)

My mom gets all the credit for this smash cake.  My son loves Elmo, and she made this gorgeous cake based on several different Elmo cakes from Wilton.  He hardly touched the cake, but the icing was tremendous fun.  Let’s just say we had to get icing off the floor, the highchair, the window and wall, the dog, basically everywhere.  Probably a complete waste of food, but worth it just to watch him!

These cupcakes were chocolate and vanilla cake with butter cream frosting – adapted from various recipes.  The decorations were again inspired by Wilton, and my only contribution was lining the pan and sticking the Elmo faces on the icing.  Thanks again Mommy!

More about these cookies later!

Three people live in this house

It has been just over a year since we brought back that little babe, white footie pajamas, a lime cream beanie, and wrapped in his grandma-made blanket.  I still get a little misty eyed at all the signs that there are three people in this house.

Motherhood rocks!


Remember we talked about overcoming procrastination?  Here’s my strategy for running.

1. Have a plan.

  • Instead of devising some complex training schedule, I started with the Couch to 5K program. My old self would have laughed, but my post-baby-self needs some grace.  I even downloaded an app so that it is completely foolproof.

2. Make it easy:

  • Get out of bed: I put out my running clothes at night, have the dog’s leash by the door, and put one foot in front of the other without thinking to much about it. (Jeff Galloway talks about this in his book: Marathon-You can Do It)  Love that book.
  • I have access to a gym in the basement of my office, and if I do not make it out to run before work, I run at lunch time.

3. Seek help and inspiration:

  • I moved the Galloway book to my bedside table, and looked through some of my old running logs.  I also found my marathon medals, and a future creative project will find a way to display these.

4. Re-evaluate.

  • Log my runs on a calendar (no need for a complicated journal right now) and write a note on how I felt.

5. Grace

  • I chose a less challenging plan, so I am physically capable of doing this and scoring some early successes.
  • I’m giving myself some outs – I only run 3 days a week, if I don’t make it in the morning there is always lunch-time on the treadmill.

So how have I done so far?  I completed the first week of C25K without any problems, and somewhere during my third run, I had small glimpses, like noticing something out of the corner of my eye, of the reasons I used to love running.  The rhythmic foot strikes that accompanies daydreams, the powerful feeling of seeing the ground vanish under my feet… and then the fleeting glimpse was replaced by more wheezing and too-small lungs.

But that small glimpse?  It was enough to keep me going, and anticipate the day that lungs will once again be big enough, and legs strong enough, to let me daydream as long as I want.

How do you motivate yourself?