Outsmarting beaver baby

Let me preface this by saying my son’s nursery is hands down the nicest room in our house – beautiful furniture, hand-made bedding, gorgeous paint with a striped accent wall, matching toy-chest and bookcase.  We spent a LOT of time designing and creating this space.  It also has the nicest morning sunlight in the house.

Enter beaver baby:

You can imagine my dismay.  Yes… well…  after letting this go on for way to long, I finally made a cover for the crib railing out of left-over fabric from his bedding.

It wasn’t difficult, and took a few hours after he was in bed last night.  So far, it is holding up.  We’ll see if I managed to outsmart a 1 year old!

Fighting Procrastination

If you are looking for quick, simple advise that will get you on your way, I may not have the post for you.  I battle procrastination daily (and many most times I lose.)

There is so much going on in everyone’s lives these days, and there is so much I’d like to be and do. (run another half marathon! become a good photographer! write a novel! move to a different country! learn Spanish! grow our own fruit and vegetables! have a decluttered house! digitize all our paperwork!  scrapbook every aspect of my son’s life! have only clothes that fit! be crafty! sew more often! be the best mom ever!)  Wow, are you tired yet?   That’s the point of this blog – between all the many many good things we can do – what best?  What is vital, important, life-giving?

I find that I often procrastinate on the most vital things, because the urgent and mundane daily tasks seem so much easier.  So here’s a list of the most vital things on my mind this April:

  • Start running again – after all, my son is a year old – that’s not exactly an excuse anymore 🙂
  • Declutter my home and office – this month’s target is paperwork – applies nicely to both work and home life.
  • Become a better blogger – blog more frequently, and take more pictures.

What does this have to do with procrastination you ask?  I have procrastinated on ALL of these things.  We all know the causes of procrastination – perfectionism, fear of being judged, unsure of your ability to do it, not knowing where to start.

Here are the basic tricks I’ll use to overcome procrastination:

  1. Write down a plan, with small steps (or “next actions” for the GTD folks)
  2. Make it easy to follow the plan (have the necessary tools on hand, set the stage, schedule small blocks of time)
  3. Ask for help, or inspiration.
  4. Reevaluate my plan weekly, and adjust as necessary.
  5. Give myself some grace for lapses and imperfection.

I will share my plan, strategy, and inspiration for each area with you soon.