A Little Sewing – Reader Cover

Today is my wedding anniversary!  I have been married to my extremely patient husband for nine (9!) years.  I can’t remember I time before he was in my life, and yet, the eleven years we’ve been together sounds sooo long.

So, as a gift, I made him a cover for his Sony reader.  I used a Kindle slipcover pattern I have had pinned on Pinterest for a while.  Yes!  I finally made something I pinned!

It came together pretty easily – 2 hours maximum, and that includes looking for supplies, not having everything handy, climbing the stairs several times to look for the iron, ironing board etc.

Happy Anniversary Honey!  (and by the way, you know you have been married a long time when you buy each other the exact same card.)


Yes, I’m still alive. There is lots to talk about, but I haven’t gotten around to blogging much lately.

So, about the Happiness Project. I have decided that for this year, doing things in a month-by-month theme just didn’t make sense for me. I don’t want to wait until September to start exercising more. After all, the baby is three month old now, and the poundage m-u-s-t g-o. Pronto. I can’t wait until July to finish decluttering my house – in July my house will be packed and moved. I can’t spend the entire month of May focusing on my career (although it could certainly use a month of focus) because I also have parenting projects, creative projects, and a desire to spend more time with my husband. For more than one month.

I am doing this a bit differently starting in May. I still have a list of routines I do daily, some from prior month projects (read a devotional, make the bed…) This month though, I’m doing things organized by the roles in my life. Here it is:

Wife: spend 10 minutes each day talking without electronic interruption. Get buy-in from husband to accomplish this.
Mom to Jack Jr.: Read a special book or go to the park (the intention is quality time)
Mom to Baby Hulk: Make him smile every day. This may sound silly, but he is a serious baby and it takes a lot of concentrated, quality cooing to get a smile from him!
Me: track my food intake, wear my pedometer, drink water. I am balancing my desire to drop lots of pounds with my desire to continue feeding the baby. These are not mutually exclusive.
Housekeeper: Declutter 15 minutes daily
Mover: Throw away or sell 2 things daily.
Financial manager: Update quicken at least weekly.

I also have a few large projects this month:
-Obtain all our medical clearances
-Make dentist appointments, optometrist appointments, dermatologist appointments… We are a very healthy family, but everyone needs check-ups!
-Refinance our mortgage
-List our townhouse for rent
-Update my resume (I may not need it, but it’s been years.)

In between all that, I have to say my garden is just gorgeous, and I will spend every spare minute loving it, photographing it, and enjoying it.

Happy spring, friends.