The Happiness Project… remember in May I started doing this a bit differently?  It worked pretty well.  I have (mostly) stuck to my routines.  Some days, that is all that gets done.  Upside?  No-one has had to ask me for clean laundry in a while – it gets done frequently enough that I haven’t had to wear the old ugly underwear in the back of the drawer in a long time.  (What, you don’t have any of those?)  My bed is made most days, and things in general are running a little more smoothly.

My “daily habit” type goals were:

  • Wife: spend 10 minutes each day talking without electronic interruption.  Most days!  And even on days where it didn’t happen in a structured way, we were still more intentional in the time we spent together.
  • Mom to Jack Jr.: Read a special book or go to the park. Done.  Will continue this in June.
  • Mom to Baby Hulk: Make him smile every day.  Done, and he is smiling more now!
  • Me: track my food intake, wear my pedometer, drink water. I lost 7 pounds in May, but have not been exercising at all.
  • Housekeeper: Declutter 15 minutes daily.  So didn’t do this.  Need to do it this month!
  • Mover: Throw away or sell 2 things daily.  Didn’t sell anything, but plenty was sent to Goodwill, and plenty more needs to go.
  • Financial manager: Update quicken at least weekly. I gave up on Quicken.  I despise that program, and bought something new to try.  We’ll see.

I am not making new daily goals in June – just trying to keep up with what I already established.

Large projects (some done, some not, and some new.)

  • Obtain all our medical clearances. Almost done – I need to get a chest X-ray and John’s forms need to be faxed in.
  • Make dentist appointments, optometrist appointments, dermatologist appointments… Almost done here as well,  except for dentist appointments.
  • Refinance our mortgage
  • List our townhouse for rent  Lease signed!
  • Update my resume
  • Get our packing lists organized
  • Buy luggage (We can check 8 bags.  We don’t own 8 bags.  I will want every cubic inch.)

Time is moving so quickly now.