To my son’s teachers


Every day, I trust you with what I value most – my beloved boy.  You have shown that trust to be well placed.  I hear him singing snippets of songs you’ve taught him, see him counting everything he finds, and watch him interact with others with increased sensitivity.  Thank you for playing with him, encouraging his curiosity, nurturing his spirit.  He comes home tired and happy – the sure sign that you are doing a great job.

Thank you.

Happy Birthday Honey!

_DSC3243I am grateful for my very amazing husband.  He is one of the most hardworking people I know.  I admire that, and his persistence, his curiosity, his insatiable thirst to understand – people, places, why I leave the kitchen a mess.

He makes his own honey-do lists.  And completes them.  He makes a mean steak.  He is such a good father to our boys.  He does dishes.  I find that pretty attractive in a man.  Doesn’t hurt that he looks great in a tux.

Happy birthday Honey.  You know you are loved.


We have had some problems with air conditioners, flooding, mold, and warped floors since arriving here almost four months ago. It has been a huge headache – getting things fixed just takes much much longer than you think it will.  With the moldy smell, we all coughed and wheezed a bit.  The baby was even on asthma medicine for a while. (The pollution here is pretty awful so it’s difficult to say what caused it.)

It is done!  Our air conditioners have been replaced, the plaster was scraped off the moldy walls, the floors were refinished, and everything was painted. While it still smells of varnish and paint (VOC free paint has not made its way here) our house is done!

Grateful for mold-free bedrooms, and smooth floors.

Give Thanks.

We spent Thanksgiving with some wonderful friends who made me forget that I was homesick and feeling sorry for myself earlier.  So this thanksgiving, I want to highlight what is vital to me, and what makes me so very grateful:

:: Friends – old friends, and the new friends who have taken us under their wing here.

:: Family.  Near or far, they love me, they support me, and I love them all dearly.

:: My husband.

:: Little boys who rock my world.

:: Food.  Cooking it, smelling it, photographing it, eating it.  Abundance is beautiful.

:: Grace.  The grace my friends and family have show me daily. The grace I receive from God every day.  The grace I’m learning to give myself.

And to you, readers of this little blog, thanks for listening.

No turkey here

Did you know that pecans are 6 times the price of almonds?  Or four times the price of cashews?  Or… I can go on.  Suffice to say that pecans are the most expensive and hard-to-find nuts in Cairo, but these two little treats made it all worthwhile.

The pecan bars have been on my pinterest board for a long time.  The caramel is complex and luscious, and I had a hard time not eating it before even assembling the bars.  Yum.

While I was there, I couldn’t resist trying the pumpkin bars.  While the pecan bars were my weakness, my husband (and Jack Jr.) loved these.  The frosting is delicious, and the whole thing is somehow reminiscent of carrot cake – most and nutty.  Another repeat.

We’re going to a friend’s house tomorrow.  Today, I’m grateful for friends, dinner invitations, and not having to cook a turkey!