MacI saved for this MacBook Air for three years.  Every time I had enough, those little things would pop up.  The roof leaks.  The car needs a repair. I finally scrounged every penny and got it before we came to Cairo.  It has been worth it.  It is light, and portable, and fast, and works.  Every time.

Besides, it has FaceTime, and I get to talk to my parents as often as we like.  Gotta love that.  I don’t love technology for its own sake (although this thing is beautiful) but it allows me to do all the things I love.  That, I’m grateful for.

Read the book

Growing up, my dad’s answer to any question was “here’s the book, look it up.”  If we didn’t have the book, the book would make its appearance in our house soon, sometimes even if the question had been idle curiosity and the questioner has long forgotten.  I learned a lot of things reading the book.

My dad is an amazing  photographer and has been encouraging me to learn for the past few years.  He still send me to the manual when I have a question, and I have a healthy stack of photography books to consult thanks to my dad.  If my photography is not improving, I certainly cannot blame a lack of resources.

I’m grateful for my Dad.  He’s insatiable curiosity and desire to learn has certainly rubbed off, and our house is filled with books.   Thanks Dad, you set such a wonderful example – work hard, learn as much as you can, and love your family.  I hope I’ll continue to learn these lessons well.

Dinner and a movie!

When Daddy has to work late, the boys and I enjoy dinner and a movie in the kitchen.  Cairo friends, the burgers at Lucille’s is hands down the best we’ve had around here.

Grateful for quiet evenings, and very grateful when daddy finally gets home safely.

When life gives you lemons (or limes)

My husband would say “find someone with vodka.” Here in Egypt, I would say find someone with mint.  The local lemonade is a wonderful blend of lemon, sugar, crushed mint and ice.  It is definitely my new favorite drink.

We have been making lemonade of a lot of things these days.  Uncertainty makes you grateful for the constants – family, friends, health.  Small irritations become the catalyst for trying something new, making it work, or learning to do without.

Today I’m grateful for the ability to make lemonade.  A very necessary skill  these days.

In our kitchen

I’ve been making more meals that the baby can enjoy with us lately.  This was one example – pork roasted with plums, a dish inspired by baby’s greenbean casserole from The Baby and Toddler Cookbook by Karen Ansel and Charity Ferreira, and good ole mashed potatoes.  Baby’s was processed to a coarse puree.

Grateful for the food we share, meals as a family, and how healthy and well these boys of mine are growing.