Oh Egypt

ImageIt has been tough to blog in the last two months.  I have written so many posts, only to leave them as drafts or delete them entirely.  It seems pretty pointless to ignore what is going on in Egypt right now, and yet, I do not want this space to become a political discussion.  In this space I tell  the truth, but right now, it is hard to know what that truth is.

Here is what I know:  we loved our time in Egypt.  When people say “you must be so happy to be in the US” I smile a very fake smile.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatically hapy that we are all safe, and I have done my share of damage at Target.  But I miss our home.  I miss our friends.  I worry about the Egyptians we have come to know and love – the three generations of men who own my favorite veg shop.  My sons’ teachers.  Friends.  My husband’s colleagues.  The driver who took me to the airport so many times.

I’m heartbroken to see the direction this is all going, especially for all the young Egyptians who are so optimistic and energized for the better future they fought for.  I don’t know what the solution is.  I only know that this is not it.

We may still go back.  We can be on evacuation status for six month before we have to curtail our time in Egypt.  Even if we go back though, it can never be the same.

There are plenty of silver linings to this evacuation.  Plenty.  But still, I grieve for the life we left behind.