blog-7452Since we have been back in the Washington area, my boys have been to the Smithsonian museums at least once a week, and many weeks we go even more often.  While I have not been able to make it to my favorites as frequently (I love the Sackler and Freer Galleries best) we have been to the Natural History Museum, both Air and Space Museums, the American Indian Museum, and of course, the National Zoo may times this summer and fall.

I’m so grateful to have access to these resources.  The buildings are as magnificent as the objects they contain, the volunteers and staff are helpful and friendly, and the contents is vast, and constantly changing.  It is always a lovely treat, a great way to entertain and educate the kids, and a great way to stimulate my own senses too!

If you are in the Washington area, with or without kids, do yourself a favor and visit a few museums.  They are free, easily accessible, and filled with knowledge and beauty.

Puddles and rainboots

In keeping with tradition, I will blog about something I’m grateful for every single day in November. You can go to the archives to read last year’s month of gratitude.
Is it a little shallow to mention I’m grateful to have found a pair of Hunter boots at Costco for a great price? I’ll also mention that we are very grateful to see rain again, after a rather dry year in Cairo.