The 4 Rules That will Make 2015 Different


It is the last day in January, and if statistics are to be believed, most of us have blown our new year’s resolutions already. Many of us make these same resolutions year after year. I have done that plenty of times too. (Get organized. Lose weight.)

The last few years I’ve shown myself more grace. Instead of grand resolutions, I have chosen small habits that I thought would make a difference to my bigger goals (similar to The Happiness Project.) Get up early in the month of January. Get more sleep in February.

I have become such a huge fan of simplicity, that I am cutting back even on my small cumulative habits this year.

What I find most compelling these days are these rules I follow:

  1. Show up. Keep showing up.
  2. Do the next right thing.
  3. Be grateful
  4. Choose joy and beauty

I still have goals. After all, I used to be am the quintessential type A MBA. (This year, I used Michael Hyatt’s “Best Year Ever” workshop to set those.)

I see those goals as the shining start at the top of the hill – they light my way, and show me direction. However, I didn’t spend hours making elaborate plans for achieving my goals. I’m following my rules: show up every day, do the next right action, be grateful for the opportunity, do it with joy and beauty.

So I took the month of January off and played with my boys. We traveled; we visited family. My only exercise was chasing them up and down slides and in and out of the pool. That’s where I needed to show up this month – that was where the joy and beauty was to be found. Now I’m ready to show up to February with the energy to do the next right thing.

How would it feel if we gave ourselves a little grace period.  Let’s start a revolution. Let’s be kind to ourselves. Just for today, show up.  Be grateful.  Smile.

Here’s a picture for you to save or print somewhere as a reminder: