Always Grateful

Always Grateful

In two weeks from today, it is Thanksgiving – that most American of traditions and by far my favorite holiday.  I believe deeply that gratitude is the cure for all  the things that ail us.  With that in mind, I’m restarting the gratitude project, maybe a little late this year, but still every bit as valuable.

Let’s start today by thinking why we are grateful to be women.

With the political news in the U.S. this week, many of us are discouraged, angry, sad.  Others are satisfied.  Many of us feel devalued and unheard.  Wherever you are on that spectrum today, you are welcome here.  Pull up a chair – let’s talk.

We always have more in common than seems apparent in the moment, so let’s see each other with open hearts and open eyes today.  Let’s listen to our sisters, mothers, friends, and daughters.  Let’s hear all the things that make women remarkable, strong, resilient and capable.

If you would like to join me for the next two weeks, I’ll send you a quick email prompt for gratitude every day until Thanksgiving.  Sign up here.