blog-3Don’t you love a fresh start?  A blank page in the journal, an empty memory card in the camera, and a brand new month on the calendar.  A new three year posting.  All filled with possibility.

We arrived in Lima late Friday night, and despite the lack of time change, we have been feeling rather out of it the past two days.  Maybe a result of packing until 2:30 am the previous night?  Or sending the poor Captain Jack out to Target at one in the morning to buy another bag?  Or because we arrived to our hotel at 1:30 am after a long day of traveling?  One way or another, we have been easing into things here.

So far, my impressions are all positive.  The restaurants around here are amazing… even simple things such as ice cream are done beautifully – fresh ingredients, carefully prepared, and presented with such style.  The shops are filled with beautiful things, the people are dressed stylishly, the streets are clean, and traffic, while heavy in parts, is very orderly.  There are Christmas trees, and a DJ played Christmas music last night!

My only concern is the weather.  Misty, cloudy, with a chance of more mist and clouds.  We arrived at the right time though, as the fog apparently lifts during the summer.

We are staying in a hotel since housing is not ready for us, and while it is a challenge with two little boys (and a lot of luggage) in a cramped hotel suite, it is also a blessing.  Since we were assigned and traveled in about three weeks, we have no sponsor to help with the transition and it would have been brutal to find a grocery store at 1 am in a foreign city.

Advent1In the spirit of fresh starts, I’ll confess that I didn’t do so well with gratitude month here on the blog.  I did keep a journal though – promise!

Let me also share some other blank pages.  The advent calendar above is currently filled only with the wrinkles it acquired in my luggage.  I am frantically working to make an ornament and sew a pocket during nap time and after bedtime.  Instead of getting to do this when they get up, the boys will hang a little ornament at bedtime.  I’ll share our progress throughout the month.

Happy December friends.