My mom’s favorite quilt shop, Stitchcraft, recently had a challenge.  You had to make something, anything,  from this fabric.  The fabric had to be visible, but there was no requirement that it be the main fabric in your project.challenge fabricNow, after unpacking our ridiculously heavy household effects shipment, I vowed not to buy any more fabric until I made a very serious dent in my existing stash.  Given that the challenge fabric is not in my usual color families, this vow became a bit of a challenge.  After a few fits and starts, and ruined projects, I discovered a kit for making a shopping cart cover my mom bought when my now four and a half-year old was a newborn.  I definitely don’t need a shopping cart cover any more, but an apron is always handy.  I was inspired by this tutorial, but made mine reversible.  Wish I could tell you how, but it was pretty late and I was flying by the… well, string of my apron, to mix my metaphors.

blog-4071A few notes: one really ought to wipe the little handprints off the mirror before attempting a self portrait.  It wouldn’t hurt to attempt a smile either.  One should also finish said project in the daylight (instead of after midnight), so that crooked seams are not discovered as the project gets folded to go in the mail.  Despite the rather mediocre results, it was such fun to bring the sewing machine out for something other than the endless diaper repair project!