My mom and I did a bit of shopping this weekend – the best kind.  I went with the intention to stock up on wool felt for boy projects, a bit of flannel for some of the quick-change trousers, and for some lining for new oven mitts.

Instead, I came home with this.  I hope to turn it into a few things – most necessary?  New oven mitts.  But I have also been wanting to try those informal looking log cabin blocks – a runner for my new kitchen maybe?  I love the orange and turquoise for that.  I will have an eat-in kitchen in our new apartment – can’t wait!  Of course, I should probably continue decluttering and packing my house instead of daydreaming about sewing projects.

But just one more daydream.  I got this fabric on the same trip – it is called Choo Choo You by Richard Newman.  I’m thinking a quilt for the baby’s first birthday.  (I know from prior experience these birthdays happen MUCH quicker than one would like.)

There may be a snag in this plan though.  This is his older brother, who ran off with the “twains” as soon as it came out of the shopping bag.

I think I need to go shopping again.  After all, I did forget to buy will felt.

What projects are you dreaming about?