I’m Hannelene Beillard and I want to welcome you to the Vital Mommy community of expat moms who want a simpler and more beautiful life.  

Are you wondering how to balance work and family when demands everywhere are tough?  Are you faced with the challenge of making a house in seemingly every corner of the world feel like home?  Wondering how to raise resilient third culture kids?  And how about the pursuit of your own dreams and passions in a constantly changing environment?  

I believe in showing up and incremental change. I believe the little things matter, whether it is the kisses you share over bedtime stories, the verb conjugations of a new language you mumble over and over while doing the dishes or the kind way you respond to a stranger even when you don’t feel like you belong in your new world yet.

I believe that simplicity and gratitude can make any adjustment easier.  By simplifying and being content with what we have, we create space for beauty and joy to expand in our lives.

Simplicity and joy is not one perfect day, or one perfect vacation, or one perfect moment. It is showing up day after day doing the incremental things that build a life that is filled with beauty and joy in a quiet way. And one day, you look around and there it is – the life you dreamed about, not perfect, but yours.

I am a third culture kid.

I was born in South Africa, and lived in Germany as a teenager.  My family moved to the United States half-way through my senior year in highschool.  I’m not completely at home in my birth country, or my passport country, or any of the other countries where we have lived.  That’s why it was so surprising to me that when I become an expat myself.  Sure, I expected some culture shock and adjustment. I had done this before.

But I was overwhelmed and lonely.

Egypt was the tale of a thousand and one nights, filled with history, beauty, and incredible people.  But I felt lost. I had a two year old and a little baby, and I was trying to run my banking career remotely.  It all felt like too much.

Eventually, I found my way. I started making friends, joined a book club, learned some Arabic, and found my way around our tree lined neighborhood. And… then we had two hours notice to evacuate. Moving back home was just as much of a shock.   My kids lived in five homes, went to three schools on three continents and immersed into three different languages in one year.

I learned a few things about blooming where you are transplanted, and I want to share these with you.

Today I am a Mama Bliss Certified coach, and specialize in simplicity and values-driven coaching.  I have traveled extensively all over the world, and have worked with expats for many years.  I offer custom one-on-one coaching to a few clients where we focus on living your values, simplifying your life, gratitude, and making space for the joy and beauty you crave.  I also occasionally do live workshops and group webinars.

I look forward to helping you get past lost, to found.  No-one should have to go it alone. If this sounds like something you can use, set up a free 30 minute call with me here, so we can find 2 quick strategies to end overwhelm and get you back on track to simplicity and joy.