(Picture Machu Picchu or something similar here – I don’t have any pictures yet)

We are going to Lima, Peru for the next three years. In fact, we are leaving for Lima, Peru in the next 3-4 weeks!

I am overjoyed – it is a great opportunity for all of us to learn spanish (well, the fabulous Captain Jack already speaks spanish), see a new part of the world, try excellent food (how I’m looking forward to that!) As much as anything, I’m just so grateful to be out of the world of uncertainty.

Logistics aren’t too bad. Our apartment in Cairo has already been packed and was just sitting in limbo waiting for a final destination (kinda like me!) We don’t have much here, except for all the winter clothes we had to buy since we evacuated Cairo in June and it is now November. I also bought a few kitchen things we just couldn’t function without.

Jack Jr. is already talking about Lima house, although I think he is starting to understand that it means he has to leave his friends, his much beloved teacher, and the world that has become home these last 4-5 months.