_DSC6565Goodness, hard to believe I have neglected this space for a full month.  There were probably things to say this month, but for the most part, the less is said about our battle with e-coli, my unemployment, and yet another move, the better.

I’m grateful to say we’re all healthy right now.  I’m also grateful to tell you that we have a very lovely, mold-free apartment on a quiet street.  It has been life-changing this past week.  With less street noise (oh the incessant honking and daily accidents on our old street) the boys have been sleeping better.  This move has motivated me to do another round of decluttering (good bye aspirational clothing), and I am also getting much better with the full inventory of our possessions.  Both are very vital things in this expat life we have chosen.

Here’s my best moving tip: label the rooms in your house with the name of the room right on the door.  It will help the movers label your boxes.  Then use the same labels on the doors in the news house, and bingo!  things actually show up where they are supposed to be unpacked!

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about my plans to get myself out of the funk until the right job (or the acceptance of my homemaker status) arrives.