When I started posting about my son’s birthday party, I realized I didn’t have ANY pictures of the cake.  Luckily, my dad, fabulous photographer, and generous man, let me use a few of his. (You can see his other work at his website)

My mom gets all the credit for this smash cake.  My son loves Elmo, and she made this gorgeous cake based on several different Elmo cakes from Wilton.  He hardly touched the cake, but the icing was tremendous fun.  Let’s just say we had to get icing off the floor, the highchair, the window and wall, the dog, basically everywhere.  Probably a complete waste of food, but worth it just to watch him!

These cupcakes were chocolate and vanilla cake with butter cream frosting – adapted from various recipes.  The decorations were again inspired by Wilton, and my only contribution was lining the pan and sticking the Elmo faces on the icing.  Thanks again Mommy!

More about these cookies later!