Being far away from friends, family, and your usual sources for inspiration can be challenging, but I have found so many blogs that inspire me to be more creative, live more simply, and find more beauty and more joy.  To show my gratitude to the bloggers who inspire me daily, I’d love to share a few of my favorites with you.  There are only two blogs I read daily, without fail.  Soulemama, and 4 Kids 20 Suitcases.  Both listed below.

Creative and simple life

Soulemama  – If I read nothing else, this one always makes it to the top of my list.  She is a exemplary Mamma, a creative force, and how she fits it all in, and writes about it so gracefully… It always inspires me to find a little more time for the things that matter to me.

Need more beauty or creative inspiration?  I love these:

Maya*Made  I discovered her blog years back when I made oodles of her bucket pattern – still one of my favorites.  Oh, and the stamps, and the watercolors…

Jones Design Company  This blog is just full of gorgeous things I’d love to try.

Meri Cherry  Looking for art to do with your kiddies? Look no further.  Her art spaces and supply lists are also inspired.

Expat blogs.

This tends to fall in a couple of categories – travelogues of (younger perhaps) folks traveling to teach english, work for the peace corps, etc.  The other category is blogs that are meant to keep family and friends in the loop, and often read as if you are missing the inside story.  Which you probably are.  While I follow plenty of both, especially for countries I have lived in or may live in in the future, and those of people I know, there are a few I can recommend unreservedly for their great writing and general applicability:

4 Kids 20 Suitcases and a Beagle  I never miss this one.  Never.  IN fact, it is the only blog I get by email so that I am sure not to miss it.  She gets expat life, she is funny, she is real.  Love.

Naomi Hattaway I started reading Delhi Bound when we were bidding on our very first post and thought we might end up in India.  She is no longer an expat, but her archives are excellent, and worth reading.

There are many other blogs that make their way to my reader.  Some stay for years and get scanned frequently, others come and go quickly.  I wanted to give you a list of those bloggers who continue to inspire me, in gratitude for the inspiration I get from them daily.

What are you grateful for today?  What blog do you never miss?  Please share in the comments.