Can you believe it is February already?  My theme for this month is finding meaningful work.  I am lucky to work in an industry I really believe in – renewable energy.  Of course my job has its fair share of tedium, political battles, and other blah, but for the most part I am excited about what I do.

I recently visited a geothermal plant in Iceland, and loved what they have accomplished.  Of course geothermal energy is not without challenges, but it was amazing how clean and beautiful the power plant was.  (I”m such a nerd.)  Since there are no active volcanoes or geothermal plants near my home, I think about reducing our energy consumption a little more.  Here are some ideas for finding meaningful work around my house this month:

  • Research a cover for our water heater (I was told this type doesn’t need it but would like to verify.)
  • Check that the temperature is set to 120 degrees
  • Redo the insulation around the storm door – we installed too much insulation and the door doesn’t close well.
  • Clean the coils on the refrigerator
  • Put more electronics on power strips and get in the habit of turning the power strips off.

With the baby still so young, we have been keeping the house much warmer than we used to pre-baby- but we do use a programmable thermostat and keep it as low as we can.

Small changes, but hopefully meaningful.  If you want to learn more, check out  What are your best energy saving tips?