I’m back to the never-ending struggle to organize my house, starting with the kitchen. The biggest mess always seems to be caused either by my desire to go green, or my epic failure to go green. Yes, I’m looking at you plastic shopping bags!

Throwing them out doesn’t really work so well since there is no recycling here, so we subscribe to “re-use”  for garbage pails, the grocery store, dirty diapers, wet clothes… Basically everything I can think of.

I used this tutorial to bring a little order to the plastic bag collection.  (Easy to follow, even for me.) Since I was at it, I also made one for the rags we use to replace paper towels.  Much more successful at that bit of greening since we simply don’t buy paper towels.

blog-5284I didn’t have any particularly lovely fabric to waste on the project, and I am obsessed with bunting of all varieties, so I carved a flag shaped stamp from an old eraser and got creative.  Who says functional can’t be fun?  I stamped the flags and letters with fabric paint (use a sponge brush to paint the stamp – much easier.)  The whole thing was done over the course of two weeks, so I can’t say exactly how long it took.  Ah, the crafting life of a mamma to small children.  If you wanted to, you could probably do the sewing in less than 30 minutes, and the printing didn’t take long either.  I like the end result – cheerful and contained.  (Next up – clean that switch plate.  Yikes!)