Heart shaped carrots. Otherwise known as the-project-for-the-mom-who-finally-lost-her-mind. Seriously. If you are the sort of person who can look around pinterest and pin a few ideas “how clever” and move on, bravo. Pin away. If you are the sort of person who regards your pin boards as a to-do list, approach with caution. In fact, you should just delete your account now. Because if you keep going, you find yourself cutting baby carrots into hearts some early valentines day morning.

The little boy stayed at preschool by himself today. I came home feeling rather lost and sad. So I cut carrots into funny little heart shapes, and steamed them. Later, they will become part of the traditional heart shaped meat-loaf dinner.

Of course I saved the carrot trimmings for the lively stock recipe I pinned a few weeks ago.

Happy valentines day friends – may your day be filled with love and chocolate. (And maybe more
meaningful ways to spend your time.)