Can I get a booya (or other appropriate self-congratulatory remark) for this one! We have never celebrated valentine’s day – Captain Jack and I usually smirk over the “hallmark holiday” and at most get each other a card.

This year, in my newfound obsession with treasuring every minute and celebrating every occasion, I converted. My son took handmade valentines to his thirteen classmates. (No Martha worthy artwork, but still.) And then, in the hour it took my mom to drive into the city to pick the boys up, I nursed the baby. I decorated. I cooked dinner. I baked cupcakes.

Cookie cutters hung from the chandelier with ribbon from my stash.

Heart-shaped meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas (my son’s favorite green vegetable.)

And chocolate cupcakes with the worst butter-cream frosting ever (I cut the recipe in a third, but used the full amount of vanilla. Gross.) Decorated in hugs and kisses with vintage red icing from my refrigerator.

Talk about something out of nothing. Without shopping, planning, or lists, proof once again that love is all you need.

PS: I’m blogging with a baby on my chest, prompting me to pray again a mother’s most heartfelt and desperate prayer – Please God, let them outlive me.

It’s been 12 days, and I can’t imagine life without this little boy.