IMG_2095We are officially homeless. Our apartment in Cairo has been packed, and we do not have an onward assignment yet.

It is unsettling. I am reading about schools, housing, and career prospects in different countries.  The more I read, the more I miss our spacious and beautiful Cairo apartment, and our open plan Montessori-like school.

I remind myself that I had similar worries about Cairo before we went.  We made lovely friends, many of whom I think will be lifelong friends. We loved the school my boys went to, despite its quirks. We loved our second apartment.  I got to know the veggie guy, the fish guy, the policemen on our block, and so many other people. We walked everywhere.  I  learned to like koshary.  I even learned enough Arabic to give directions to taxi drivers and buy fruit from the ever present donkey cars.

How I miss that life.  How I wish we could be settled in (somewhere, anywhere) again.

Expat friends, what advice do you have for these transitions?