Several unrelated blogs I follow recently featured summer to-do lists and the power of accountability.  Maybe it’s a trend.  Maybe I am just noticing because I need to do the same.  Thus, without further ado – here’s a brain dump of some things I need to do before a)the baby arrives, and b)before we move out of our house next August (a year from now!)

Oh, and since writing “husband” and “toddler son” has been become somewhat annoying, and will become confusing with the addition of another family member, my husband will henceforth be known as “Captain Jack” and my son as Jack Jr.  (Neither are named Jack, John, or anything related.)

Long term means over the coming year.  Shorter term means in the next month.

Finances and Life Management
Long term:
>Close some credit card accounts (number to be determined)
>Create a will, trust, guardianship documents, others I don’t know about.
>Make a home inventory (My grand plan is to do this room by room as I declutter)
>Save money for maternity leave
Shorter term:
>Try out (possible replacement for Quicken)
>Catch up with Quicken accounts
>Maintain Quicken accounts weekly
>Write down a budget

Every room in my house needs this, so this is essentially a list of the rooms in my house, in the order I think it needs to happen.  I also noted a month I plan for this to happen.  (It is a tight schedule if I plan to get it done before baby arrives – especially considering holidays and third trimester blah.)
>Jack Jr.’s room (We have to make space for the baby) AUGUST
>Master bedroom (Mostly my closet and craft supplies) SEPTEMBER
>Living room and dining room (mainly to sell/gift CDs I no longer listen to) OCTOBER
>Storage room (Oh, how I dread this one) DECEMBER
>Guest room (Ditto) JANUARY
>Sell unused things in good condition to supplement savings/fund major purchases (see below)

Long Term
>Find Jack Jr.s childcare arrangements/school near our new home
>Find Baby’s childcare arrangements near our new home
>Pottytrain Jack Jr.
>Support Captain Jack with his move preparations (I know this is vague, but I’m not sure what all will be involved – I’ll update as this develops)
Shorter Term
>Find more swim lessons for Jack Jr.
>Introduce new vegetables (there are more than peas and carrots, but Jack Jr. seems happily ignorant of this.)

Major Purchases
These are all longer term, and dependent on finances mentioned above:
>Toddler bed for Jack Jr. (to free up crib for new baby)
>New laptop (mine is 6 years old, and showing its age – especially for photography stuff)
>Treadmill (hopefully a Craig’s list find)
>Double stroller (I will sell Jack Jr’s BOB to get a BOB duallie)  Love that stroller.

>Document the moving process to help others learn from what is sure to be many mistakes
>Work on my photography skills more actively
>Update my blog at least once a week (setting the bar low here)

Other no less important things to do during the coming year:
>Have a baby
>Find myself a language teacher/class
>Continue working at my challenging job
>Make time for some creative pursuits lest I lose my mind – maybe a little easy knitting for baby?  Or finally finishing Jack Jr’s quilt in time for his new toddler bed?

Wow – are you tired reading all of this?  I am.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
PS: no actual elephants were consumed or harmed in the writing of this blog entry.