How Will You Bloom?

Find the bliss that fills you with vitality


There are so many areas of self-care – eating well, exercising, meditation or quiet time…  What is it that revitalizes you?  What makes you feel as if you can bloom again? Is it time with friends, time to dream, time to pursue interests unrelated to mothering, moving or work?  What is your creative play time.

Self-care and motherhood often seem to mutually incompatible.  Most of the time, we are so busy caring for everyone else, that we don’t have two minutes to think of what we would actually like to do, given the opportunity.

 Maybe this has happened to you:

Through scheduling more complex than a NASA launch, I arrange an outing for my boys and my husband leaving me to indulge in whatever makes my heart happy.

Maybe I’ll just quickly wash the dishes and mop the kitchen floor while no-one is around.  Maybe I’ll just check email and Facebook for a minute.

The next thing I know, my four hours are up.  They are home and hungry, and I run around fixing snacks, looking at the pictures, taking off shoes, emptying backpacks, and all the while thinking: I really thought this would be great.  Why am I not feeling energized and blooming?

Get your 5 step worksheet now, so you can make the best of that next opportunity.

We need to energize ourselves.  And if it’s going to happen, we need a plan.  Whether we get up 30 minutes earlier than the kids to have some time to think, an hour while the baby sleeps, or five minutes before dinner.