blog-4146blog-4156And yes, I do feel like that should be a March title.  However, Lima was kind to me today.  The first day of spring turned out to be one of those rare and beautiful sunny Lima days when I remember just how much I like it here.

I opened all the sliding doors, let the sunshine in, and started planning for some flowers.  This garden needs more flowers.  And since seeds take a while, and I needed some bright sunny instant gratification, I made one of my favorite peruvian foods – a potato salad.

blog-4176Nothing mayonnaise-y and prosaic about papas a la Hauncaina.  The dressing is sunny yellow with a fresh green tasting bite of aji amarillo.  My love of all things aji amarillo can be a whole other post.  I’ll write my own recipe soon, but in the meantime, try this one.  If you can’t find queso fresco, I have had great success with homemade ricotta.

Happy spring to all of you in the Southern Hemisphere!