We had a wonderful weekend of celebrations here at home, but in the back of my mind, I kept thinking of Japan.  I have visited Tokyo (pictures are from a 2008 trip) and found it to be at once vibrant and serene.  Japan is full of contradictions like that – at once ancient and modern, loud and quiet.  My prayers are with the people there.

There is a replica of the liberty bell in the Hibiya Park (where some of these pictures where taken.)  The inscription on the plaque reads “Dedicated to you, a free citizen, in a free land…”

As a renewable energy proponent, I spend a lot of time thinking about nuclear power.  My thoughts on this are complex, and far from clear-cut.  The safety risks seem insurmountable, but so do the long-term effects of breathing the pollutions from other types of power.  I am aware of the issues surrounding the long term storage of spent fuel, just as I am aware of the mountain top removal techniques used to mine coal.

As I said, complex issues, that I do not feel qualified to judge.  I have read some interesting articles about these issues in the past few days, and thought I’d link to a few.  More knowledge is always helpful.

Why I Am Not Worried About Japan’s Nuclear Reactors

Explanations of several terms used on the news

The Case For and Against Nuclear Power (Wall Street Journal 2008) While this is a little older, the analysis is still good.

Is Nuclear Power The Solution To Our Energy Needs? (Huffington Post 2010)

I’ll update this post with more links as the debate continues.  In the meantime, here’s a much more immediately important link.  Please join me in blessing others in their time of need.

Red Cross