This has been an unusually stressful week and it is only Wednesday!

That must mean it’s time to list 10 things I’m loving right?

1.  My son’s wobbly steps are getting more confident.

2. My peonies are starting to open – pictures coming soon!

3. There are tiny fuzzy peaches on my tree

4. The squirrels haven’t found them yet.

5. I have been married for 8 years yesterday.  I love my husband.

6. My job is challenging me to grow and prioritize – I don’t like it right now, but I know stretching is good for me… kinda like yoga is good for me (but I just don’t like it.)

7. There is a stack of freshly laundered white t-shirts folded and ready to put away.

8. Leftover Easter candy… oh yes, bunny, I see you hiding back there.

9.  We almost have a new deck – and since my husband did the work, it has cost a fraction of what we were quoted!  (Did I mention I love that guy?)

10. It is still unseasonably cool and we can sleep with open windows.