Yes, I’m still alive. There is lots to talk about, but I haven’t gotten around to blogging much lately.

So, about the Happiness Project. I have decided that for this year, doing things in a month-by-month theme just didn’t make sense for me. I don’t want to wait until September to start exercising more. After all, the baby is three month old now, and the poundage m-u-s-t g-o. Pronto. I can’t wait until July to finish decluttering my house – in July my house will be packed and moved. I can’t spend the entire month of May focusing on my career (although it could certainly use a month of focus) because I also have parenting projects, creative projects, and a desire to spend more time with my husband. For more than one month.

I am doing this a bit differently starting in May. I still have a list of routines I do daily, some from prior month projects (read a devotional, make the bed…) This month though, I’m doing things organized by the roles in my life. Here it is:

Wife: spend 10 minutes each day talking without electronic interruption. Get buy-in from husband to accomplish this.
Mom to Jack Jr.: Read a special book or go to the park (the intention is quality time)
Mom to Baby Hulk: Make him smile every day. This may sound silly, but he is a serious baby and it takes a lot of concentrated, quality cooing to get a smile from him!
Me: track my food intake, wear my pedometer, drink water. I am balancing my desire to drop lots of pounds with my desire to continue feeding the baby. These are not mutually exclusive.
Housekeeper: Declutter 15 minutes daily
Mover: Throw away or sell 2 things daily.
Financial manager: Update quicken at least weekly.

I also have a few large projects this month:
-Obtain all our medical clearances
-Make dentist appointments, optometrist appointments, dermatologist appointments… We are a very healthy family, but everyone needs check-ups!
-Refinance our mortgage
-List our townhouse for rent
-Update my resume (I may not need it, but it’s been years.)

In between all that, I have to say my garden is just gorgeous, and I will spend every spare minute loving it, photographing it, and enjoying it.

Happy spring, friends.