I have a large upright freezer in my basement.  We initially bought it with the intention to buy local beef or buffalo in bulk once or twice a year.  We are not particularly tied to eating organic everything – but I prefer to buy organic meat and dairy.

Since then, I got pregnant, and nesting manifested itself in cooking extra meals for the freezer.  At one point I had almost fifty meals in reserve.  I would highly recommend this exercise to anyone about to have a child!

It has been very handy since the baby arrived as well.  I home cooked most of his baby food in bulk, and froze little cubes.  I was able to make a ton of peaches during summer when I could pick them up in season locally.  I have also been able to store enough milk that my travel schedule didn’t interfere with my nursing goals at all.

We found that almost anything freezes okay.  I had great success with baked goods – especially muffins wrapped individually and then stuck in a large ziplock baggie.  Unfortunately the muffins were such a success that they were never around for long!

Other favorites include almost anything made in the slowcooker.  Most stews and soups freeze beautifully.  If it takes fresh ingredients stirred in during the final cooking time (such as cilantro or cream) I take out the freezer portion first, and then add those ingredients when I reheat the meal.  I have to confess that my early mommy brain often forgot and it wasn’t the end of the world either.

My top reason for loving my freezer though, is that it takes only 12 minutes to get from this

to this.  Hmmmm.