Did you know that pecans are 6 times the price of almonds?  Or four times the price of cashews?  Or… I can go on.  Suffice to say that pecans are the most expensive and hard-to-find nuts in Cairo, but these two little treats made it all worthwhile.

The pecan bars have been on my pinterest board for a long time.  The caramel is complex and luscious, and I had a hard time not eating it before even assembling the bars.  Yum.

While I was there, I couldn’t resist trying the pumpkin bars.  While the pecan bars were my weakness, my husband (and Jack Jr.) loved these.  The frosting is delicious, and the whole thing is somehow reminiscent of carrot cake – most and nutty.  Another repeat.

We’re going to a friend’s house tomorrow.  Today, I’m grateful for friends, dinner invitations, and not having to cook a turkey!