blog-4341November.  Oh, November.  I committed to posting about something I’m grateful for on my blog daily.  This month challenged me and challenged me again.

So you want to spend 30 days being grateful?  Let’s see.  How about it if the car you were so excited to have was damaged?  Not a challenge?  What about the people you love? How would you feel if your parents got robbed?  Can find something good in that?   Income cut in half?  How about people invading your personal space in a threatening way.  What about things that are completely outside of your control?  How about instability in the region.  How about pollution so bad that your children are often sick.

Still I’m lucky.  I’m so incredibly lucky.  Sometimes life gives you lemons, and just when you are done making lemonade, you get a few more.

But I’m not thirsty for lemonade, you want to scream.

This is how we grow.  Through adversity, and challenge.

Knowing that I would have to come up with something to write about made me pay attention.  You observe pretty closely if you know there will be a test later.

All the stuff that happened this month?  Let me tell you, most days I could easily come up with a long list of things that made my feel so blessed, and so grateful.  Make your list friends.  It is a life changing experience.