My big guy (three and a half this week!) started at a new preschool today.    My first impression was that it is certainly not our Cairo school, with its wooden open-ended toys, hands-on classrooms, and montessori inspired lessons.  There can be 16 children with one teacher and a coop parent aide.  That ratio would be unheard of in our Cairo school where Jack Jr’s classes where mostly 12 kids with 3 teachers.

But.  The teacher is really nice.  Jack Jr took to her immediately, and enthusiastically hugged her goodbye when I went to pick him up.  He loved his day at school, and told me about the dinosaur’s shadow and a book they read all the way home.  It reminded me how independent he is – he could barely bother to say good bye this morning.


Baby Hulk (who really needs a new blog name, don’t you think?) is different.  He was miserable leaving his brother, and called for him all morning.  If there is one thing this evacuation life brought us, it is the inseparable bond my boys are developing.  They make each other laugh (and cry) all day.  When Jack Jr. is in a time-out for hitting his brother or taking his toys, little Hulk will often go comfort him, rubbing his head or foot.  When I separate them, Jack will call for “my baby” until I allow them to play together again.  In this foreign service life, I’m comforted to know they will always have each other, even if they have to make all new friends every time we move.


Since I love school just as much as my big boy does, and the mere phrase “bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils” thrill me to my toes, we will be starting a little home schooling project this month.  I like the curriculum on my new favorite mom blog, here.  You can also follow my inspiration on this board.

How do you keep your ids learning at home?