Today… Rushing to find a pair of pants that fits. Hemming them for flats when I realize I certainly won’t be able to wear heels all day anymore. Thanking heavens for the fusible seam stuff I have had for ages and never use. Cooing to the baby who crawled all the way to my bathroom to find me doing make-up. (Do highlights go above or below the cheekbone?) Calling someone to pick up the toddler from preschool. Looking for the parts to my breast pump.

Finally sitting in the car on my way to a long day of work. Instead of the Jefferson Memorial I’m almost seeing the outline of the pyramids through the pollution as we drive next to the Nile. Already missing the boys and going crazy at the thought of not seeing them awake tonight.

Sitting in meetings, listening to inspiring people accomplishing inspiring things. Some have hope when there seems to be no hope. Some make plans even when the future seems bleak. Reinvigorated.

Now, late at night, going home. My family is already asleep in their beds. I think about having it all. Whatever that means. I loved being a professional today. I missed my boys so much I had to blink back tears. I take my hat of to moms everywhere, who make these tough decisions every day and make these tough days work.