On my walk to school there was a donkey cart filled with oranges, and two guys who clearly wanted to sell their oranges to me.  They speak no English.  I speak no Arabic.  I recognized two words in their sales pitch – khamsah and ashra, which means five and ten.

Was it 5 oranges for LE 10? That’s expensive!  No, must be 10 oranges for LE 5.  “Okay,”  I say nodding vigorously.  I try to hand him a five pound note, and he mimes that he needs two five pound notes.  Okay, so it was five for LE 10 (about $1.65.)  Oh well, I already agreed.  Then he proceeds to weigh out five kilos of oranges!  Some days I really love it here.

The oranges were delicious.  I am grateful for inexpensive, and good produce found all over our Cairo neighborhood.

PS: I know a picture of the cart full of oranges would have been much more interesting, but I don’t carry my camera with me all the time anymore.  Rats.