365-0021We are starting to settle into a rhythm in our days at home.   I try to keep thing at home  slow and peaceful.  Well, as peaceful as it can be with two very energetic and imaginative boys!

The boys are now in school for a couple of hours each day, and that gives me time to catch up on such little tasks as taxes, organizing the house, and blogging.  I enjoy two of those things very much.  The blog is due for a major overhaul, including a foray into self-hosting.  If all goes well, the behind the scenes stuff will be invisible, and the cosmetic stuff will be unobtrusive.

More things I like?  Yes please.  I just got accepted to become a Power of Moms Ambassador!  Those of you who know me know how much I love this organization.  I have been a fan for years, and have learned so much.  As an ambassador, I get to help this “online gathering place for deliberate mothers” grow.  Go check it out, and join Power of Moms (it’s free) so that you can access the great members-only materials they offer.  Just go to powerofmoms.com/register.  I’ll do a whole post on the Mind Organization for Moms soon!  It is life-changing.

Remember this?  I now have laundry to do every day –  little school uniforms are my favorite.  We also cook every single meal from scratch.  And I mean scratch – if you want frozen vegetables, you better peel, slice, dice, cook and freeze!  Canned tomatoes?  Not a great option here.  While I can’t say I love washing floors, dishes are a sign of a family well fed, right?

The house has been coming together slowly – childproofing installed, little glitches fixed, and the scalding (I mean scalding) water temperature was finally fixed today.  I actually blistered my hand doing dishes! I am also doing 40 bags in 40 days for Lent this year.  One of my favorite bloggers explains it well here.

Next week, another piece will fall in place, as my parents bring the boys’ beloved pup to Peru.  A bonus visit from grandma and grandpa?  We’ll all say “yes please” to more of that!

These ordinary days?  Yep, they are pretty great.