Doesn’t that sound fancy?  But once you hear my definition, I bet you will realize you have an art collection too!

My husband has collected antique prints and maps for a long time, and also had several art pieces when we got married.  His mom curates an art museum after all!

Since then, we have been acquiring more at a steady clip.  We asked for a piece of art from our families as a wedding gift – a gorgeous pastel that reminds me of my family and native South Africa.  Some of my favorite things are cheap little pieces I collected during my travels – a carved mirror from Bali, colorful cityscapes from Rio De Janeiro, and some miniatures from Rajasthan.

I’m lucky too –  my father is a spectacular photographer and we have several of his magnificent landscapes around our house.


We have been “surprising” each other with paintings for birthdays and anniversaries, and have vowed to acquire a nice painting from each country where we live.  (Our souvenir from Egypt is at the top.)  The one directly above was purchased recently from Noche de Arte, a charity art show put on by the U.S. Embassy Association here in Lima.

Our collection certainly won’t rival the Louvre, or my beloved National Gallery in Washington, but it brings beauty and joy to my life daily.  I’m grateful to have a home filled with lovely things that remind us of people and places we have known.