I just finished my scarf (yay!) and started thinking about my next project.  Then I thought… hmm since I already plan for Christmas in January by depositing one twelfth of our Christmas gift budget into out ING account (learned from Kristen at The Frugal Girl), maybe I can apply the same principle to handmade gifts.

Like many people. I have always dreamed of hand making fabulous, meaningful gifts for every member of my family.  Like many people, this plan has been great in theory, but fell apart in execution.  So, what about making one small thing (no pressure for it to be fabulous or meaningful) for someone else every month.  Maybe it could be a batch of stocking stuffers, or a knitted item for a friend, or in the later months of the year some baked goodie or homemade jam or chutney.  Maybe it could even be an art project done with the little boy.  Anyway, my job now is to pick one small project, preferably one that can be made from my giant stash of craft supplies and can be done in a weekend’s worth of free time, every month.  And then of course, to do it.  I’ll update you on my progress  (family members, that may mean there are some spoilers… sorry)

While we’re on the topic of monthly goals, I’ll tell you about a few of mine:

  • My creative project for February will be these magnets from an old Martha Stewart magazine.  I collected the caps a few years ago and, of course, never got around to finding the perfect pictures and printing them.
  • I’m in the process of decluttering my life a little in preparation for a big move next year.  This February, my sights are set on my kitchen and dining room.
  • I already wrote about my energy efficiency to-do list
  • Plan a first birthday party for my little boy (the much anticipated event is in March)
  • Make one scrapbook page for my little guy’s book.

Do you make gifts for everyone on your list?  When do you start?