Right now I’m

… happy to announce our household goods (HHE) have arrived.  For those who were keeping track, we were without our things for 10 months, the Cairo apartment was packed in September, finally shipped in January, and got to us here in Lima the last week in April.

…still sweating from my morning run to drop the boys at school.  Did I mention my beloved BOB stroller was in our household shipment?  Maybe you’ve heard me speak of it… once or twice… a minute… for ten months?  We are reunited.  And it does feel so good.

… washing dishes and laundry, constantly.  Everything coming out of the boxes is dusty, musty, and gross.

…listening to a Power of Moms podcast marathon – it makes everything go easier.

…packing box after box for the yard sale we’ll be participating in later this season

…not yet ready to put the baby things in that pile.

… tripping over the Thomas trains the boys have been playing with non stop since it same out of the boxes.

… thinking that it was a shame (and expensive) to ship boxes and boxes of expired groceries (mostly canned food) and medicine all the way here.  I went on a huge shopping trip just days before evacuation – we were told to stock up since it may not be safe to go grocery shopping, power may be out, etc.  Little did we know.

… planning where all the art will hang.  It will finally be our home.

… smelling bread baking – my first home made bread in over a year.  It is good to be home.

…inviting you to come visit, friends!