Right now, I am…

… buzzing with energy from the wonderful coaching session I had with a client this morning.  I love my job!

…listening to Silk Road Journeys by Yo Yo Ma.  Beautiful stuff.

…smelling the last of the pumpkin bread baking.  It was good while it lasted, even if it is technically spring, not fall.

… enjoying the last week of silence before the boys are done with their school year.

… looking forward to having them with me as we prepare for Christmas.

…hoping that more bubbles can entertain them for a while this afternoon.  Bubbles are always a hit around here.

…frantically preparing teacher gifts, santa lists, bits and pieces of costumes for the play (oh, that last week of school is always a challenge, isn’t it?)

… elfing together just a few more home-made gifts.  Stockings for new family members, a few baby gifts from Handmade Beginnings, and a few stocking stuffers.  Ambition always exceeds available time

… grateful to be done with gifts for my boys.  We are working hard to keep it simple, clean, and open in their spaces.  If you are still looking for kid gift ideas, I would suggest an art basket – great ideas from the fabulous Meri Cherry.

… writing shopping and packing lists for our upcoming trip… oh Trader Joe’s, I can’t wait to see you.

…choosing colors, design elements, and lots and lots of details for the new Vital Mommy website (to be revealed soon) and cooking up a few surprises to share with you next year.