Right now I am

…not studying Spanish as I should be. Lessons started last week, and it would be “mas facil” if I studied more.

…watching the Mom Conference instead. It’s free. While I certainly have not been able to catch every presentation, what I have seen has been really good.

…contemplating baking bread. I was the lucky recipient of a rather large bucket of flour that has produced pancakes and “cheese muffins” galore, but really needs to be used in a more practical manner.

…listening to the sounds of the ceiling fan whirring above my head in the kitchen. It makes such a difference to this very hot and busy kitchen.

…looking at the face of a guilty dog, who raided the diaper pail for the third time in as many days. It certainly makes me grateful that we only use disposable diapers for nighttime – those little crystals are not fun to clean up.

…debating the fate of my rather horrible looking attempt at container gardening. Ouch. I think the plants are just cooked.

…enjoying a clean kitchen – I love the house so much more when it’s clean.

…hearing silence, as both boys happily went to school today – even my little guy who cried so miserably the first week.

… excited to say our beloved old jeep has arrived in Peru. Not sure about the clearance process. I’m keep my thoughts on the household goods to myself.

…feeling too overwhelmed at the thought of unpacking all those boxes anyway.

…annoyed at myself for not working harder to organize our schedule – mornings are still rushed around here, and there was yelling.  Yelling is not the way to start our days when we strive for calm, peace and joy.

…dreading the huge job of refurbishing my cloth diapers. We use bumgenius and all the elastic and Velcro needs to be replaced after 18 months of constant use.

…glad that the weather seems to be cooling down a bit.

…wishing that sunshine and the cooler weather could co-exist in Lima.

…grateful for this life.