The haul today.  A kilo of in-season apricots. Lovely eggplant for chinese food.  Fresh corn.  Tomatoes the kids will eat like candy.  Figs.  Local bananas (“the yummy baby bananas please Mama.”) Sugary sweet cantaloup.  $12.

When people ask us about Egypt, my husband always answers the same thing “Come to Egypt, it’s a riot!”

$12 for all that fruit.  And about $1.50 for “tastes like Paris” baguette, $1 for almond croissants that may be better than Paris.  Not so bad.  Unfortunately fish and salads are out in summer.  Just don’t do it.

At swim lessons, the coach asked my son what his favorite fruit is, and Jack Jr. promptly answered “muffins.”  Parenting fail.  When asked later, he responded blueberries.  Maybe blueberries and muffins go together in his mind?

It is fig season.  I have not lived anywhere where fresh figs grow everywhere since I was little kid.  Some childhood memories are accurate.  Figs are that awesome.

Of course, I’ll be lucky if the haul lasts me two days.  I’m feeding two growing boys.  The kilo of apricots will be gone today.  And the figs? Well, those may be gone before I get the kids from school.