On my Kindle right now… Percy Jackson books from the library, a book on electronic scrap booking, and a few other things.  The serious reading list is this though:

I love “Make the Bread, Buy the Butter.”  I have made a few things from this book already, and it is a fun (and funny read.)  Probably something I’ll refer to for a while.

“What’s It Like to be Married to Me” is not fun.  At all.  It is challenging and hard to face.  Which probably means I need to do it.  I have made a chapter a week required reading, so it will take a while to get through it.

“The Expert Expat” is basically getting used to make more (longer) lists of questions right now.  More to come I’m sure.

“Handmade Beginnings” was a much desired Christmas gift, and I can’t wait to make those adorable quick-change pants for my boys.

Tracy Hogg is a classic amongst my friends.  While I do somewhere between her methods and a few others, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to re-read a few parts just to get myself ready.

What are you reading?