There has been home-made ketchup for my little ketchup loving toddler.  (Alas, the tomatoes were not from my garden.)

I discovered a new berry muffin recipe – delicious to say the least.  I froze a dozen and have to make some more today. I have been making it with the tiny frozen wild blueberries I buy in big bags from Costco.

Fall also means the annual neighbourhood chili cookoff – this year Captain Jack tied for first!  (No, I can’t share his recipe.)  It was lovely, with 14 entries, loads of families and children, and a rare late night by the fire pit in the middle of our little neighborhood.

Jack Jr. has made the move from the highchair to a booster seat this week, and with it, this Mommy has been inspired to get organized.  We now have family meals together at 6 PM instead of feeding him at six, then bathing, reading and putting to bed before I start cooking for the adults. It has been an adjustment for my poor husband – he was used to eating at 10 PM before we got married.

Despite the extra planning (I have to make dinner the night before to accommodate the new schedule) I’m liking this so much.  Jack Jr. eats what we eat – much more varied and healthy.  Last night we had a simple meal of pork “fried” rice – a porkchop sliced into tiny pieces and marinated the night before, stir fried with baby corn, snap peas and carrots, and a few cups of rice (also cooked the night before.)

My son ate some of everything on his plate because he wants to be just like daddy, and after eating they had a sword fight with chopsticks which left them both laughing out loud.  We all ate some sliced apples together and then it was time for little man to go to bed.

It feels like a real family now – everyone together, eating, laughing, talking.  This Mommy is very very happy.