I’m so happy that you are here!  Expat life can be challenging and lonely sometimes.

Other times we get glimpses of what life could be – moments when we are filled with vitality and joy.

This is what I want for you – a life filled with vitality, beauty, and joy. I want to move you from your current location to your new location. I want to move you from feeling lost to feeling a sense of place.

But mostly, I want to move you to be at home in your own life, so that you can carry home with you. Let me be the grace you need, until you are ready to extend that grace to yourself.

I started writing Vital Mommy years ago, when I just had my first baby, and worked and traveled constantly. It was my search for what’s vital. What is it that I really need to live my life with vitality? My life has change a lot since then, and I’ve learned a few things. At the heart of it though, no matter where we live, this is what we want to know: what is vital? What will make me bloom?

Bloom Where You are (trans)Planted is a coaching program designed to help you simplify your life, develop the resilience your family needs through family rituals, and build the self care routines you need to bloom. 

I would like to offer you a 30 minute session with me to find out whether Bloom Where You are (trans)Planted is right for you!